Posted 19 hours ago

now that i’m experimenting with a new drawing style, i decided to test it out on chell!

Posted 1 day ago

is anyone out there interested in beta-ing a trollbent, no-sburb homestuck fan fic that’ll possibly include johnkat? 

Posted 1 week ago

drawing girls is haaaaard.

Posted 2 weeks ago

what? i’m actually drawing again? 

yep, and it’s a human wheatley, inspired by wafflestories’s portal fanfic  ”blue sky.

(which i totally recommend, by the way. that marvelous thing got me to finish the first portal game and buy the second.)

Posted 3 weeks ago

i’m probably gonna take a break from tumblr and spend the time i used to spend scrolling through my dash in more constructive ways. like drawing. and playing puzzle games. 

Posted 3 weeks ago

you know, every so often i get the itch to talk politics with the folks of tumblr, usually when they start insulting my beliefs and my stances. but you know what, this blog is a stupid fan art blog that’s supposed to be an escape from reality. i want to just exist and show off my stupid creations and not feel the need to define my politics and myself constantly. that might be fun for some people, but not for me. honestly, i don’t need to deal with it here as well as in real life. 

Posted 1 month ago

wow, i think that’s the most attention my dave has ever gotten on this website!

Posted 1 month ago

i am the dave here. it is me.

Posted 1 month ago

(it says “check your privilege” if you’re curious.)

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(Source: )

Posted 2 months ago

i’m losing followers anyway so why not put up a picture like this?

my friends tell me i’m like a great blue heron. i really don’t see it, but i decided to draw a quick “fursona?” “feathersona?” whatever. 

Posted 2 months ago

some pasts are more haunted than others…

(please click on it, it looks better at its real size)

Posted 2 months ago

i’m thinking about a url change. 

what do you guys think of “earthb0ned?”

Posted 2 months ago

ok, i know it’s really late at night but i was wondering if anyone out there in the tumblrverse could help me. i’m doing a report on japanese culture, and i would like to know if anyone out there could give me a list of anime set in schools (elementary to high school) that are popular IN JAPAN. preferably non-fantasy stories. i want to compare popular fictional schools to real ones. 

if you could help me out, i would really appreciate it!!

Posted 3 months ago

drew a little something. it took way too long and i’m just. done. 

but have a happy 4/13 everyone!